Home of the General System Tune-up

Only $85….

Our General System Tune-up can take care of just about anything that is happening with your computer.  What it essentially does is return your computer to as close to its original state of functionality as it was when you first got it and loved it.  Specifically what we do is this:

  1. Remove any malware or threats from the computer
  2. Fix any damage done to the operating system by those threats
  3. Resolve any other software issues and clean up any garbage on the system
  4. Update all critical components and return the system to full functionality
  5. Free software updates included in this are:  Adobe Flash, Reader and Shockwave, Java, Klite Codec Pack, and WinRar Archiver
  6. Service includes reconfiguration of start-up to maximum performance.
  7. Hardware testing and driver updates initiated.

For most systems all of this can be accomplished in a 24 hour window.  We also provide free pick-up and delivery.

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