Salem Computer Home

Salem Computer was founded in 1992 by Aaron and Alan Smith formerly of Software Pipeline.  Their first location was near the Kirby Vacuum shop on Commercial Street.  At this time they moved away from the software rental business to building high quality desktop and laptop PC’s for home and business use.  Many of those systems are still functional today although completely out of date!

In 1999 they sold the shop to Jeffrey Cage.  The shop moved down the street to Mission and Commercial right in front of Kwans Restaurant.  Jeff continued to build with the same high standards that Aaron and Alan started and expanded the business to include networking, web support and hosting.

Finally in 2007 the business was sold again to Ester Watson.  At this point the business went to an all mobile status.  The Commercial Street shop was closed and now we come to you.

Today Salem Computer provides high quality service and repair to all of your personal computers.   We build new desktop computers with only high quality Intel parts and the most current software customized to your needs.  If you need a new laptop or tablet we can find you the exact thing you need and help get you ready to go.  We also provide home and Small business networking set-up and support as well as software support and educational services.  We strive to provide fast, efficient service to everyone as our predecessors did.

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